GRIP are the suppliers of WAGs patented workout gloves that give you wrist support and relieve wrist pain! The comfortable contoured gel pad inside Wrist Assured Gloves (WAGs) distributes pressure so your wrists don't feel all the strain of supporting weight on your hands...

Slip on a pair and feel the difference these amazing gel padded workout gloves make. Imagine doing yoga, Pilates, TRX, cycling, strength training, Boot Camp workouts and Cross Fit – without the aggravation of wrist pain! Wrist Assured Gloves come in three levels of wrist support, so you can find the perfect style suited to your needs and workout. WAGs creator, an occupational therapist with a wrist injury, needed a solution to relieve her wrist pain and came up with these versatile gym gloves that have a therapeutic benefit.

Customers with tendinitis, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, weak or injured wrists rave about these magical gloves. Push-ups, planks and pikes without wrist pain? No problem!

Our four WAGs styles, Ultra, Pro, Flex and the new luxury leather Fusion vary in level of wrist support providing comfort & performance for your unique needs.

Select the best style for you based on how much support you prefer and what’s going on with your wrist using the guidelines below. All gloves styles can be used for a variety of fitness activities.

Four levels of support

WAGs Flex features a slimmed down wedged gel pad for mild pain and discomfort

WAGs Pro

WAGs Pro provides the therapeutic benefits of the thicker gel pad without the wrist wrap

  • Contoured gel wedge inserted into palm of glove improves comfort
  • Ergonomic design eases strain of supporting weight on the hands
  • Proven to reduce wrist and thumb pain

WAGs Ultra are the ultra supportive style for maximum wrist support

WAGs Fusion are the luxury leather gloves with a slimmer gel pad and wrist wrap