TrueBalance wrist exerciser - now available in Aus!!

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Exercising with TrueBalance improves fine motor control, concentration and coordination, and strengthens muscles and joints in the hand, arm and shoulder. The unique and patented products are recognized by an unpredictable pattern of movement, which make them fun and challenging to use.Formerly known as the Inimove and hand made in Denmark, they are now manufactured in USA. GRIP is the Australian distributor of these fantastic tools and we are excited to have received our order and they are selling out fast, so order now so you don’t miss out!

TrueBalance Wrist Toy can be used for:

  • Fine motor control

  • Coordination

  • Concentration

  • Balance

  • Memory

  • Reflexes

  • Stability

  • Visual perception

  • Small muscles and joints in the hand, arm and shoulder

The benefits from using Truebalance:

  • The unpredictable movements makes exercising fun, challenging and motivating

  • The severity, and type of exercises, can be adapted according to condition and skills

  • A competitive element is added to the training

  • Creates joy and interaction

  • Can easily be used at home

  • Perfect activity for kids

  • The device is not electronic

  • TrueBalance signals fun and training rather than illness