Handii hand exerciser

Handii 4 Pack

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The Handii exercisers come in four resistance levels and provide a wide variety of benefits. Simple and easy to use, their small size also makes them portable and ideal for travel; they can be kept in a purse, gym bag or even a pocket.

Resistance Levels

Yellow – Extra Light: Starting point for those with reduced range of motion or functionality; ideal for post-surgical rehabilitation or stroke patients

Red – Light: Ideal for physical therapy, as well as for those with carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis

Green – Medium: More resistance for preventive care exercise; perfect for computer users and those who play a musical instrument

Blue – Heavy: For those who wish to further strengthen their grip, forearms and fingers; mountain climbers, weightlifters, golfers and other athletes

The Handii 4-Pack with All 4 Resistances provides you with a complete solution for long-term hand health.  

Containing our lightest to heaviest resistances, you are able to develop strength, flexibility, stamina and stability, progressively and safely.


The Handii 4-Pack with EXTRA LIGHT Resistance

The Handii 4-Pack with LIGHT Resistance

The Handii 4-Pack with MEDIUM Resistance

The Handii 4-Pack with HEAVY Resistance

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Handii hand exerciser
Handii hand exerciser
Handii hand exerciser
Handii hand exerciser