HAndii can help improve fine motor skills


Why Fine Motor Skills Are Important

Fine motor skills let kids perform crucial tasks like reaching and grasping, moving objects and using tools like crayons, pencils and scissors. As kids get better at using their hands, their hand-eye coordination improves. They also learn skills they need to succeed in school, such as drawing and writing.

Handii can be used to improve fine motor co-ordination, incorporating:

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Body Awareness (Proprioception):

Information that the brain receives from our muscles and joints to make us aware of our body position and body movement, so we can accurately control our movements.


Hand and finger strength

Improve hand and finger strength in both flexion and extension with the Handii.



Bilateral Integration: 

Practice using both hands to perform tasks, not just one (e.g. use the ‘doing hand’ to place the block and the ‘helping’ hand to hold the block construction steady).

HANDII can also improve fine motor skills by improving the following:

  • Finger Isolation: Practice tasks that use just one or two fingers – not all the fingers at once
  • Hand eye coordination: The ability to process information received from the eyes to control, guide and direct the hands in the performance of a task such as handwriting.
  • Hand Dominance: Determine which is the dominant hand and reinforce its more frequent use in precision task performance.
  • Hand Division: Using just the thumb, index and middle finger for manipulation, leaving the fourth and little finger tucked into the palm not participating but providing stability for the other 3 fingers.
  • Object Manipulation: Manipulate objects such as a pencil and scissors with control.

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