FAQs for the Handii Products

We know you have questions!

Are these Latex-free?

YES! Handii is 100% Latex Free.

How many Handii's are there in a pack? 

A 2-pack will contain either yellow & red (for rehab & beginner) or green & blue (for strengthening). The most common choice for people is the 4-pack, which contains all 4 colours.

Would this help a rock climber? 

Handii can act as a conditioning aid, a warm-up & cool down tool, as well as a rehab device. It can create the required balance of hand strength & flexibility, and is ideal for isometric training. The greatest advantage of Handii is it can even be used whilst you're on the wall, creating an additional strength endurance challenge to your workout.

Could a 9 year old use this or would it be too big?

Yes! The bands are flexible enough to fit onto small hands, although the tension between fingers may be less .

Is the Handii good for a senior adult to use? 

The resistances cater for all, and furthermore, as well as a strength and flexibility tool, Handii is ideal for maintaining finger dexterity and improving motor function of the hands. 

Is Handii suitable for someone with moderate arthritis, in the knuckles specifically? 

Handii should help you alleviate some of the symptoms associated with arthritis, as well as help you regain some flexibility.

Why can't I just use a box of different size rubber bands?

Handii is created with specific, varying resistances, and is a therapeutic tool just like a resistance band. Handii attached to your fingers securely, and will not slip off. Importantly, Handii works each finger at the same tension, unlike a rubber band, which will simply apply tension at a point.



What methods of payment do you accept?
You can pay for your order by using PayPal. If you would prefer not to use PayPal simply email info@gripgrip.com.au for alternate forms of payment.

How long will I have to wait to receive my order?  
We do our very very best to get your order out within 24hrs. Your order will be posted via Australia Post. For Standard parcel post please allow 3-5 days for delivery of your order. If you would prefer to pay for express postage, you will receive your parcel the following day in most major cities.

Not happy??

What is your return policy?

It is important to us that you are happy with your Handii. If they do not perform to your satisfaction we’ll refund you the purchase price. Simply mail the gloves to us within 30 days of purchase, include a copy of your email receipt and request for a refund. We value customer feedback and welcome your comments. Damage due to improper care or normal wear is not covered by the guarantee.

What if I can’t find my receipt?

Receipts are emailed with your order confirmation from GRIP. No worries though, we can access your receipt easily if you provide your billing name.

What is your mailing address?

Mail exchanges and returns to:
GRIP hand therapy products

Vanessa Kirkham

PO Box 208, Wahroonga, NSW 2076